How to set up My Business Account

How to set up My Business Account with CRA, this is the first thing you want to do once you have incorporated, and secured a business number.  Setting up My Business Account with CRA is a relatively simple process.  First of all, you will need to have already registered for a MyBA account.  Find out how to register for MyBA.

If you already have a MyBA account, simply go to CRA login services,

  • select “My Business Account” and use your CRA user ID and password to login.
  • Once logged into MyBA , select “Manage business number(s) in your profile”,
  • and then select “Add a business” to add your organization’s Business number.

Authorizing a Representative
Once your “My Business Account”  is linked to your “My Account”, you can appoint a representative through the same portal.
– Go to the top of the screen, under your name, you will find PROFILE.
– Click on PROFILE, and then scroll down to the bottom right, where it says AUTHORIZE A REPRESENTATIVE.
– From here, you can add, or remove a representative and you can also specify the access you want to give your representative.

There are three levels of CRA authorization access you can give your representative on your business accounts:

  • get information only (level 1)
  • update and get information (level 2)
  • delegate authority, update and get information (level 3)

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